How do I change my Smart Compass's Time Zone?

Smart Compasses can be set to PST, MST, CST, EST or UST.

For our EU Smart Compasses, the time zone can be set to GMT, CET/WEST, EET/CEST, or FET/EEST.

It’s important to note that in addition to supplying time, this feature controls the backlight to your screen.

This video will guide you through how to change the Time Zone on your Smart Compass (and turn on the backlight)


  1.     Short press through the menu until you arrive at “Settings”
  2.     Long Press “Settings” to select
  3.     Short press through the settings until you arrive at “Time Zone”
  4.     Long press “Time Zone” to select
  5.     Short press to scroll through the different time zone options
  6.     Long press to choose the time zone you would like.
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