How do I shorten the time to acquire GPS?

Some of you have indicated that you are experiencing longer wait times than the expected 12 min to acquire a GPS signal.  We have included a GPS Assist function with the Lynq Updater to improve your Smart Compasses performance.


In the Lynq Updater app, click the “GPS Assist” button while your Smart Compass is plugged in.  This will set an Enhanced GPS Acquisition Zone (EGAZ) which spans approximately 70 miles in any direction from the location you performed the GPS Assist.


Setting the EGAZ provides a quicker GPS acquisition wait time than its standard global acquisition wait times by telling your Smart Compass where to look in the sky for GPS satellites. 

You can always reset the location of the EGAZ by connecting your Smart Compasses to the app and clicking the GPS Assist button.

Setting and EGAZ is optional to improve your acquisition times, however, your Smart Compasses will always acquire GPS globally completely unassisted.

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