What is Smart Compass?

Helping you stay connected

Smart Compass is the people compass for the outdoors - a handheld device that points you in the direction of the other Smart Compasses you're paired with across miles without the need for phones, networks or infrastructure of any kind.  Smart Compass can be set up in seconds, entering names and pairing up to 12 Smart Compasses with a simple one-button interface.  Clicking that button toggles displays of the name, direction, and distance of each Smart Compass in your group on a backlit and glare-protected screen that is visible under any condition.  You can set a safe boundary distance for your group to receive an alert the instant someone leaves the group zone. You can also set a Home Base (i.e. base camp, car, ski lift or hotel) as a meeting point for everyone to find each other.  Smart Compass is designed for the outdoors and is weather-proof and water-resistant.

Use Smart Compass to help adventure seekers go off-the-grid and enjoy skiing, hiking, traveling, cycling and more without the need to worry about cell service, maps or phone battery life. You can also use Smart Compass in public events, special needs care, disaster relief, first responders and government applications.

The technology

Smart Compass is a valuable tool for any outdoor application.  There is a lot behind Smart Compass — and it's just the first application of Lynq's technology.  Lynq's proprietary technology consists of a rapidly deployable, decentralized, private network that connects devices across miles without infrastructure — in a manner that’s uniquely difficult to intercept.  It's able to integrate into any device, the Lynq software is scalable to a large number of applications and our own device is the first step towards a larger direction of an ecosystem “connected by Lynq”.

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